What to eat in 2023

What to eat in 2023

So many January blog posts tell you what you should be eating—more of this, less of that—and it’s often pretty complicated. The truth is, we don’t all have the same needs—but there are some simple rules to follow for a better life. Here’s what we think you should be eating in 2023 and beyond. You can find your family’s favourites at VGFarmToCity.ca or at our retail locations in Simcoe and Stoney Creek. Happy New Year, everyone!

Food that makes you feel good

What makes you feel good? Maybe it’s grilled chicken breast with a great salad on the side, maybe it’s a steak with some roasted vegetables, or maybe it’s a homemade soup with broth you made from scratch. If you focus on high quality, local ingredients, you’re off to a good start. Drink a lot of water, eat real food, move your body, give back to your community and enjoy as much fresh air as you can—these are ways to feel great throughout the year! Some staples we recommend keeping at home include our boneless skinless chicken breasts, centre cut pork chops, regular ground beef, and a few great steaks. A whole chicken is another great product to keep on hand as it works well for everyday dinners, a nice roast meal, soups, stews and more.

Food that tastes amazing

Local food tastes incredible—there’s no way to dispute it. At VG Meats, we take pride in offering high quality food that’s raised and processed right here in the communities we live, work and play in. That includes everything from roasts to sausages, burgers and bacon! Shop from a wide selection of products including our tenderness tested Ontario beef, poultry, pork products and even lamb. We’ve also got house-made spice blends and delicious prepared meals to help make life easier! Because what tastes better than a meal that someone else cooked for you?

Food that helps improve the planet

We feel strongly about the quality of the food we produce in terms of taste and tenderness, but we are also deeply committed to using holistic practices that lead to regenerative outcomes. Simply put, this means that we’re farming in a way that supports local ecosystems, local economies and the overall wellness of your community. You can read more about this commitment here—plus, keep an eye on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for updates on how you can get involved. We’ve got big plans for 2023!

Thanks as always for reading and happy New Year, everyone. We look forward to good things (and good food) ahead.