Tenderness Tested

We’ve Tested Your Steak So You Don’t Have To

We are Canada’s first and only tenderness tested beef.

We take the guesswork out of your steak dinner with our in-house tenderness testing method. Our tenderness testing is a proven, scientific method that replaces traditional visual grading.

Through this process, we are able to sort our beef and ensure that the only cuts that make it to your plate are the ones that meet our tenderness standards. Here is how the VG tenderness scale looks.

VG Farms Tenderness Scale

Cut Score
Outside Steak Skirt 2.6 or lower
Top Blade Flat Iron Steaks 2.6 or lower
Beef Tenderloin 3.0 or lower
Petite Tender Steaks 3.4 or lower
Bnls Ribs Steaks/Rib Eye 3.9 or lower
Striploin Steaks 4.3 or lower
Tri Tip Steaks 4.7 or lower
Top Sirloin Medallions 5.2 or lower
Top Sirloin Steaks 5.2 or lower

Our scale starts at 2 (most tender) and goes up to 10 (most tough). All our steaks that are available on the market must fall within the red zone which is where research shows natural tenderness occurs.

Got a Tenderness Question?

Email Kevin, the VG brother who developed our unique tenderness testing method.