The VG Meats Difference

Know Where Your Meat Comes From

What sets our meat apart from the competition? Our commitment to quality, good work and the needs of our customers.

Ontarians want to know where their meat is coming from and we guarantee fresh, local beef that has never been fed antibiotics or given added hormones. We only feed our families the best possible products and know that our customers expect the same.

High Care

Not only does high care mean a higher quality product, it also us to be proud of what we do and how we conduct our business.

Animal Care

When it comes to priorities, animal care is at the top of our list. All of our farms must meet strict care and handling requirements.

Small Herd Size

We work with farmers who share our values and think like us. Small herd size ensures that we can provide a high level of care at all times and be confident that our animals are humanely raised.

Fully Traceable

At VG, we do more than just sell meat. As part of our quality commitment, we research, study and innovate to bring you the best possible eating experience.

Supply Integrity

We know how important it is that you know where your beef comes from. Our traceability program is the best way to ensure the integrity of our beef when purchasing from an exterior retailer.

Safety & Quality

We record where each animal was raised plus its age, what it was fed and other significant data that may be useful. This helps us track and build quality and ensure consumer safety.

Butcher Quality

The VG brothers grew up in the family butcher shop. We know the trade inside and out, and understand what it means to deliver high quality meat.

Artisan Harvesting

There is at least one VG family member involved in every aspect of the farm to counter process. This helps us maintain our exceptional quality and carry on some of the traditions passed down from our grandfather.

Past Meets Present

We not only have the butchering experience of the past generations, we have the innovation and research of the present. Each VG brother focuses on a specific aspect of the business.

Born & Raised in Ontario

We know our customers value the farm-to-fork approach, and we believe in being local for the right reasons.

Authentically Local

Many companies throw around the word “local” but in truth, can only claim that about part of their business. At VG Meats, our products were born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario by the Van Groningen family and friends.

Our beef is homegrown from our own herd of cattle, our pork still comes from the same Ontario farmer it did 30 years ago, and all of our poultry is locally raised and processed (some of it on our own farm).

Local Means Quality

By raising the product ourselves and/or sourcing out through local suppliers, we know exactly what we’re getting and where it’s headed. Our short supply chain guarantees that our high quality meat is sold at fair prices.

We proudly display the Foodland Ontario logo on all of our products.

Never Fed Antibiotics

With the help of highly trained nutritionists, we balance our feed to ensure good animal health and welfare without the need for antibiotics.

Proper Health Care

Proper health care and recommended vaccinations are given to maximize the health of our animals. This results in a pure, safe and healthy meat product.

Treatment When Sick

Antibiotics are given only when necessary to treat a sick animal. We believe this is the right thing to do. The animal then lives through the withdrawal period to ensure there are no traces of antibiotics in the meat when it reaches your table.

Fresh Air Year Round

Prolonged exposure to indoor venting systems with all of those big bodies can cause strain on an animal’s lungs. Ensuring access to fresh air year round has helped to reduce lung-associated distress such as instances of pneumonia.

No Added Hormones

Our cattle are raised without the use of growth promoting hormones or hormone implants.

Hormones = Tough Beef

There are many reasons why we don’t believe in adding hormones, but probably the biggest reason for us is that it makes for tough beef! It’s true - implants make the beef cuts larger, but they’re tougher and suffer a decrease in flavour.

Quality & Care

Being a family owned and operated company that has been in the business for generations, we know how to produce good beef naturally. We believe in high care and high quality - another reason we don’t add hormones to our beef.