About the Family

Feeding Ontarians Runs in Our Family

All four of us VG brothers stayed in the family business, but we studied different interests and each wear our own distinctive hats.

We are a local, family-owned company that has proudly been serving Ontario families high quality meat since the 1970s. Started by previous generations and now run by us four brothers, VG Meats is proudly local. All of our products are born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario.

We specialize in small herd, high care beef that is never fed antibiotics, is fully traceable and is the first tenderness tested beef in Canada. In addition to beef, we also offer local chicken, pork and turkey. Our team also creates chef-inspired prepared meals, daily lunch options, award winning deli meats and more!

Chad Van Groningen

The Butcher & Master of Processing

Chad is the second born son who mastered the skills of butchering from, in his words, “the best teacher I know: my father”.

“My father’s hard work and determination inspired me to keep with the family tradition and help take it into the future. My role in the business includes managing daily plant operations and ensuring that our product is the very best for all of our consumers”.

In addition to leading butchery and plant operations, Chad is also part of the company outreach and sales team. He responds to customer inquiries, meets with local businesses and creates opportunities for VG Meats to grow and better serve hungry Ontarians. With a thorough knowledge of his work and what VG is all about, Chad excels at collaborating with like-minded companies and business owners to create productive customer relationships. Chad and his wife Nicole have two young, meat-loving boys who enjoy visiting the farms and learning about the family business.

Kevin Van Groningen

The Food Science Nerd & City Slicker

Kevin is the fourth born and fourth at bat. He likes to refer to himself as the clean up hitter.

“I trained in the sciences, and I use this approach to train, coach, and educate people to help them make meat purchases that have a positive impact on their future. That’s the day job. At night, I dream about building a business and industry that will change the way the world thinks about meat”.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Agriculture) from the University of Guelph, Kevin focused primarily on meat science courses throughout his education. As the lead meat scientist at VG Meats, Kevin leads the charge for our tenderness testing program and is constantly working on new and innovative ways to bring delicious, local and fully traceable beef to hungry Ontarians. Kevin and his wife Morgan, the company’s marketing lead, have two young children. The family lives, breathes and eats MEAT!

Kyle Van Groningen

The King of Retail & Customer Service

The third born, Kyle, attributes his butchery skills to his dear old Dad and is proud to call himself a third generation butcher.

“I oversee all retail operations in our Stoney Creek Store and help with the retail store in Simcoe. I am the connection between the farmer, the processing plant, and the customer. I live to help customers look like rockstars at their dinner parties, and I try as hard as possible to be a trendsetter when it comes to cutting.”

Kyle knows the counters, the customers and number of times the retail door opens like the back of his hand. When he isn’t wearing his VG retail gear he is almost certainly holding a hockey stick. In the winter, Kyle can still be found at the ice rink 2-3 time a week. In the summer, Kyle is busy in our retail stores teaching people how to up their BBQ game, giving them tips on how to make the best wings at home and stocking our meat counters with all the best local meat for your grill. Kyle and his wife Raelynn live in Norfolk County with their young son and love the wonderful bounty of the area from local farmers, wineries and growers.

Cory Van Groningen

The Farmer & Politician

Firstborn VG son Cory and his wife, Heidi, live and work on the VG Haldimand farm. They are proud to be rubber boot-wearing Ontario farmers.

“I am a farmer at heart but I also appreciate the business side of farming. I often switch from my rubber boots to my business boots a few times in the same day.”

In addition to running the farm with his wife, Cory is also referred to as our in-house politician. He is often meeting with officials on behalf of the beef industry as well as attending meetings and conferences to promote the mission and mandate of VG Meats.