Reconnecting to the land: in celebration of Local Food Week

Reconnecting to the land: in celebration of Local Food Week

This year, Local Food Week is being celebrated from June 6th to 10th—we’re right in the heart of it now! After a challenging couple of years for food producers, communities and businesses all over Canada, we’re prouder than ever of the work we do, the people we employ and the products we feed your family. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also our honour.

Please join us in celebrating Local Food Week and read on to learn more about our connection to the land—we hope you’ll share our enthusiasm for this intentional and very important relationship that shapes everything we do.

We’re proud to be local

You cannot be a local food producer and be disconnected from the land you live and work on. This connection is absolutely vital and at VG Meats, it’s a part of every single choice we make. Many of the families who shop with us feel that connection as well, and it’s why they choose VG Meats. If you don’t have a strong relationship to the land in your region, this is a great opportunity to build one. It can be done by actively taking care of our local ecosystems or simply being mindful about where you shop.

Our family has deep roots in Norfolk County and the surrounding areas—in fact, most of us still live on or near the family farms! We also have strong ties to Hamilton—more specifically, Stoney Creek—and are proud to be a part of that great community.

When you shop local, you keep the turns of the economic cycle close to home and support entire communities. And when you purchase food from VG Meats, you’re supporting a local business and helping to improve the lands and waterways in your community—so, let’s talk about how we do it and why it’s so important.

We’re dedicated to regenerative outcomes

VG Meats is dedicated to using holistic management to achieve regenerative outcomes on our farms. This means that we raise cattle and poultry in a way that not only considers the health of the land but actually improves it. We do this by taking an approach that ensures the entire system is healthy and sustainable including the soil, water, animals and plant life on the farms. With our staff supporting our efforts, we’re able to achieve these outcomes.

Holistic management leads to continuously improving the water cycle, mineral cycle, community diversity and energy flow—and it allows us to create regenerative food that comes from land that is getting better every year. A great example of this is our pasture-raised chicken—a limited availability product (and customer favourite!) that will be available starting June 16th! Please click here to learn more about our pastured chickens and see some great videos about how they’re raised and their symbiotic relationship with our cattle. It’s pretty cool!

Shop in store or online

VG Meats welcomes you to shop in store at our Simcoe and Stoney Creek retail locations. You can also place an order online at and choose from in-store pick up or home delivery to over 60 locations across southern Ontario. Thanks as always for reading and for supporting our local, family-run business. We’re grateful for the opportunity to feed your family—take care and happy Local Food Week!