Father’s Day cooking tips from the dads of VG Meats

Father’s Day cooking tips from the dads of VG Meats

VG Meats is a family business that’s currently run by four brothers—Cory, Chad, Kyle and Kevin Van Groningen. Growing up, the brothers learned just about everything they know from family including their dad and grandfather—and now, as adults, they’ve added their own unique skills and ideas to the mix.

As Father’s Day approaches, we could offer you dad jokes (believe us, we’ve heard plenty) but instead, let’s talk about what Father’s Day means to our team and share some of their best cooking tips. Remember, our Father’s Day Collection is available online and in stores!

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Growing up, Father’s Day is all about honouring our dads. That feeling doesn’t fade as we get older—the VG brothers are still happy to celebrate their amazing dad and grandpa—but the meaning of the day expands when you become a parent yourself. Here are a few sentiments our team shared when asked what Father’s Day means to them.

“It's a time to hang out with my dad and think about the dad I want to become.” - Kevin VG, father of three

“Father’s Day is a time to visit with family and fire up the BBQ for a relaxing day.” - Chad VG, father of two

“It's a time to hang out with my dad and my boys, and to be thankful for the boys who made me a father. Hopefully, I can make them as proud of me as I am of my dad.” - Kyle VG, father of two

“On Father’s Day, I make myself available so my four kids can tell stories about the memories we've created over the years—typically over a good meal! I also drop in and say hello to my own dad. I have three brothers so we all have to share his company.” - Dan “Coach” Sebben, VG staff

“Father’s Day is definitely a day to be spent with family. A day to slow everything down and enjoy each other‘s company. A day to reflect what has been taught and passed down through the generations.” - Dave Vander Velde, VG butcher

Cooking tips from dads who know

When you’ve grown up around butchers (or worked in the industry for decades), you know your meat. Here are some cooking tips from the pros at VG Meats—just in time for Father’s Day!

“I recommend using a probe whenever finished doneness is key. All tender beef cuts should be cooked to rare!” - Kevin VG

“Try something different! Go to the butcher’s counter and ask to try something you don’t normally buy. You’re going to be surprised at the options and quality of ‘other steaks’ and there’s a good chance you’ll save money.” - Kyle VG

“There is a scientific relationship between fire and meat. Most steaks perform superbly using the practice of high heat, low time.” - Coach Dan

“Do a steak share instead of individual steaks. Ask the butcher to cut you a 3-4 inch steak (depending on your group size) and cook that one big steak for your group. Using a thermometer to determine when the steak is finished (know what temp you like your meat!) let the steak rest. Then, with a sharp knife, slice the steak so each person can grab pieces.” - Kyle VG

“Make sure your steaks are at least 1“ thick, then follow these steps. Pat dry, cover lightly with avocado oil, use a dry rub of your choice (VG steak spice works well), let the meat rest at least 30 minutes at room temperature, BBQ on high heat. Keep turning the steak every 45 seconds so it cooks evenly—a crust will form as you cook. Always use a thermometer. I like my steak medium-rare at 135F. Finish by putting VG Meats’s compound butter on it and letting it rest (covered!) for five minutes.” - Dave

“The most important thing I can share as a cooking tip when barbecuing on Father’s Day especially is to stay well hydrated. Nothing better than some fire, smoke and your favourite beverage!” - Chad VG

Happy Father’s Day from VG Meats

Whether you’re a dad, a grandpa, a stepfather, an awesome uncle or another father figure in someone’s life, we want to wish you a very happy Father’s Day. We’d also like to share our love and appreciation for Dad VG and our grandfather, who are the best of the best. Here’s to you—we hope you have a fantastic weekend!