3 ways to get a great deal on high quality steaks this summer

3 ways to get a great deal on high quality steaks this summer

If you love steak, you probably buy a lot of it over the summer months—and we’re willing to bet you’d appreciate a great deal on your favourite products. VG Meats always strives to offer the best possible value to our customers and while we don’t serve “cheap meat” or waver from our commitment to holistic management, we do make an effort to help families get the most out of every dollar.

Here are three ways you can get a great deal on delicious, high quality steaks from VG Meats this summer (or any time of year)!

Get a steak bundle

VG Meats offers an amazing steak bundle that features 5 lbs of our top sirloin steaks plus 8 Denver steaks and 8 Delmonico steaks. This is a fantastic deal that gives you a bit of variety and saves you $45 off the individual retail price of these items. This means you pay less than $7 for each 8oz steak—not bad for high quality Ontario beef raised with exceptional standards! This is a great deal that is popular with many VG Meats customers.

Buy in bulk

If you browse our bulk box offerings, you’ll see a few great options for steak-lovers. You can get a six pack of rib-eye steaks or 8 pack of Denver steaks (plus a bunch of great deals on chicken and pork products). You can also buy a box of our fantastic mini steaks, which are great for smaller appetites, surf ‘n turf or multi-course meals. There’s something for everyone—enjoy!

Talk to your butcher

If you’re looking for ways to change up your dinner routine and save a bit of money, speak directly to one of our butchers. Start by telling them about your favourite products—they can recommend similar products at lower price points or point to you in-store specials you might not be aware of. We’re here to help, and we promise you’ll leave our store with some delicious products—thanks as always for supporting our local, family-run business. We hope to see you soon!