3 delicious meals you can make with leftover steak

3 delicious meals you can make with leftover steak

Leftover steak—does such a thing exist?! While we’re known to finish every bite of that incredible Ontario beef, sometimes, you end up with an extra steak or two at the end of the night. If you’re got a perfectly grilled steak in the fridge, we’ve got ideas to turn it into a delicious family meal. Here’s a shortcut to some of your favourite local steaks from VG Meats—if you have additional recipe suggestions, please let us know in the comments on Instagram or Facebook!

A hearty steak pasta

Most leftover meat can be turned into an awesome pasta dish, and steak is no exception. You can do sliced or cubed steak with garlic, asparagus and bell peppers (just toss it all with some olive oil and your favourite pasta); sliced steak sauteed with mushrooms and herbs over egg noodles or penne; or maybe a cheesy rotini with steak and caramelized onions. Here’s a great recipe from Jo Cooks that uses ribeye steak—it looks like a perfect weeknight dish!

Steak-fried rice

Change up your usual routine with this awesome, satisfying take on a traditional fried rice! It’s packed with vegetables, eggs, garlic and of course, that delicious beef flavour. A sirloin steak works well for this recipe, but anything goes—feel free to use Denver, flatiron, skirt or another favourite. Feel free to wing it if you’ve made fried rice before—or, look for a good steak-fried rice recipe like this one from Food Network.

Steak crescent braid

We recently came across this interesting recipe that uses leftover steak, provolone cheese and (gasp!) crescent roll dough from a tube. This quick and easy dish is definitely in the comfort food category, but we think it would be great with a hearty green salad or some sautéed mushrooms and bell peppers on the side. Give it a try and let us know if it was a hit at your house!

Bonus ideas

If you’ve got leftover steak, you don’t need a recipe to make a great meal. Put together some sliced steak fajitas, a steak Caesar salad wrap, a steak and mushroom pizza or flatbread. You could also make a steak-based soup (think beef and barley, minestrone with steak, etc) or simply serve your leftover steak sliced on top of an amazing green or grain-based salad. Get creative, make it tasty and enjoy.

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