Your easy weekday meal plan from VG Meats

Your easy weekday meal plan from VG Meats

More and more, we’re hearing about how busy our customers are. Work, family, community activities and extracurriculars, maintaining a home and having a social life - is it any wonder people want fast, delicious, satisfying meals? We get it, and we know you also want those meals to be healthy and local. Don’t hit the drive-thru in a panic - plan ahead and eat better with this simple weekday meal plan from VG Meats. All of these meals require minimal prep time and clean-up. Try it out next week and let us know what you think!



Mondays feel extra crazy when you’re coming off of a nice, slow weekend. Don’t stress about dinner - it’s ok to keep things easy. Consider a store-made VG Meats frozen meal like our Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagna or family-sized BBQ Beef - you just have to pop it in the oven and enjoy. Add a quick salad and some fresh rolls and you’ve got a delicious, balanced family meal!


Everyone loves Taco Tuesday! Cook up some ground beef with taco seasoning and chop up your favourite toppings - crisp lettuce, red cabbage, grated cheese, avocado and even jalapenos. Put out some salsa, sour cream and hot sauce to finish things off. Want something different? Use ground turkey instead of beef!


Throw some chicken breasts in the slow cooker on low with a drizzle of olive oil and our delicious Mediterrean seasoning. As dinnertime approaches, cook up some rice. Serve your chicken and rice with a few dollops of store bought tzatziki and an easy cucumber salad (hint: prep it the night before to save time). If you’re lucky, there will be leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!


Pork chops are quick and easy, and can be prepared any number of ways. Try this easy honey garlic pork chop recipe for a quick, tasty weeknight meal. If you have time to roast or steam some veggies, that’s great - but if not, serve with a quick salad, canned corn or some prepared side dishes from VG Meats. Remember, we’ve got chops on sale in our current freezer bundle - a great deal!


You made it to the end of the week - so let’s have steak to celebrate! Throw some foil-wrapped baking potatoes into the oven (or buy prepared baked potatoes from our store - you just have to heat them up). When the time is right, sear your steak and cook to your desired internal temperature on a stovetop. Remove your meat from the pan, let it rest and toss some butter and garlic into the same pan. Throw in some fresh asparagus spears and saute until cooked al dente. Dinner is served! 

Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy cooking!