What nutrients am I getting from the meat I consume?

What nutrients am I getting from the meat I consume?

We love meat. Beef, chicken, pork...it’s all delicious, especially when it’s raised right here in Ontario by the VG family and our incredible regenerative farming team. If you’ve shopped at VG Meats, you know that our meat is delicious — but have you ever wondered what sort of nutritional benefits come along with that great taste? Today, we’re offering a brief overview of some of the vitamins and nutrients commonly found in beef, chicken and pork.

Heme iron

Heme iron is a type of natural iron that is only found in meat products, differentiating it from the iron found in produce like spinach or legumes. Inadequate iron stores can lead to anemia, so iron is a very important part of any person’s diet (though children and pregnant women are particularly prone to low iron, and may need to consume comparatively more than adults). Beef in particular is high in heme iron, which is more easily absorbed by the human body than non-heme iron sources. Interestingly, heme iron also helps you absorb non-heme iron when eaten together! Beef and greens in a stir-fry? Go for it — it’s good for you!

Vitamin B12

An essential nutrient with plenty of health benefits, vitamin B12 can be found in animal-sourced foods such as meat and eggs. It’s important to the production of red blood cells and supports nerve health and normal brain function. Some studies even show a potential connection between vitamin B12 and the prevention of ailments such as heart disease, neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. Make sure to get your B12 — an important contributor to good health!

Carnosine and creatine

Carnosine is an antioxidant that is very important for muscle function. Similarly, creatine functions as an easily accessible energy reserve for muscle cells, which can contribute to increased muscle mass and strength. While you can live without these nutrients, they are beneficial to those looking to build muscle strength. And where can you find naturally occurring doses of both nutrients? You got it — meat. Enjoy!

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