VG Meats is offering more great local products from our partners at Rowe Farms!

VG Meats is offering more great local products from our partners at Rowe Farms!

You may have noticed that for quite some time, VG Meats has carried select products from Rowe Farms in Guelph, Ontario. When we announced this partnership last year, we were pleased to introduce several Rowe items to our online store. They’ve been a big hit with customers, and we’ve been pleased to share even more local food with our community. After all, our goal is to put Ontario beef and other local foods on the world map — right where they deserve to be!

Rowe Farms is a longtime partner of VG Meats, and that partnership continues to thrive and benefit our customers. Like us, Rowe Farms is a multigenerational family business based in southern Ontario. They are regenerative farmers with strict ethical and environmental practices that reflect our own values. Together, we’ve been doing great things — and now, we look forward to offering more delicious local food options to your family.

A great partnership — now with more local product selection

As our work with Rowe continues, our customers will begin to see more Rowe products on our Farm to City website and in stores. Some newly added Rowe Farms products include chicken wings, steaks and ground beef, sausages, a variety of high quality deli meats and more. We hope you’ll try these new items while continuing to enjoy the same great VG Meats products you’ve always known and loved. Choice is a good thing, and we’re offering you as much of that as possible — all with the highest standards of quality and taste.

We love Ontario food

When Ontario farmers are thriving, Ontario families eat better — it really is as simple as that. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Rowe Farms, and hope you’ll welcome them into your homes as we’ve welcomed them into our stores. Please visit to shop now — orders can be picked up at VG Meats retail locations in Simcoe or Stoney Creek, and home delivery is available to over 55 locations.