10 dishes that are better with bacon

10 dishes that are better with bacon
If you enjoy food, you probably love bacon. It’s salty and smokey, it’s flavourful, it’s great in everything from breakfast and burgers to doughnuts (really — if you haven’t tried a maple bacon doughnut, go find one). VG Meats has a variety of bacons to choose from and they’re all delicious, but everyone has a favourite. Today, we’re reminding you of all the ways you can use that tasty bacon — peameal, maple, classic or coffee-rubbed. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments on Facebook!


1. Scalloped potatoes

Scalloped potatoes pair well with ham for a season — the creamy potatoes are a great complement to the salty, delicious ham. But have you tried adding chopped bacon to this classic dish? It’s perfect alongside roast chicken and a green salad.

2. Pasta

We all know that carbonara is amazing, but bacon pairs well with plenty of pasta dishes. Add some finely chopped bacon to your next batch of pasta primavera, chicken alfredo or even spaghetti — the possibilities are endless.

3. Salad

Bacon is great in a Caesar salad or a hearty Cobb, but don’t forget to add it to your favourite green salads as a delectable garnish. It might even get picky eaters on board!

4. Omelettes

Bacon and eggs? Delicious. Bacon IN eggs? We’ll never say no to that. Don’t forget a nice, sharp cheese, some chopped onions and your favourite vegetables!

5. Fried rice

If you make fried rice at home, seriously — give bacon a try. It works well with chicken, mushrooms, onions, green peas and other vegetables while adding a great flavour and textural element.

6. Soup

Yes, soup! Have you ever added chopped bacon to split pea soup, or sprinkled it on top of potato and leek? It’s also great on top of smokey seafood chowders or even chili. Yum!

7. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts roasted in olive oil with coarsely chopped bacon and a bit of maple syrup and/or or balsamic reduction drizzled on top? Perfection. Just add chicken or steak and you’ve got dinner.

8. Vinaigrette

Yes, bacon salad dressing is a thing, and it’s amazing. You can experiment with making your own, but here’s a great recipe to get you started.

9. Casseroles

Chicken and broccoli casserole? Add some smokey, flavourful bacon and suddenly, you’ve upped your game. Bacon also goes well in Mexican-inspired casseroles and of course, breakfast casseroles.

10. Green beans

Sauteeing green beans with a small amount of bacon and shallots is about as close to perfection as any side dish can get, in our opinion. This dish pairs beautifully with pork chops or a great steak. Enjoy!

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