What moms really want for Mother’s Day

What moms really want for Mother’s Day

We all know that Mother’s Day is special—but sometimes, it can be hard to know how to give Mom a day she’ll truly love. Does she want family time, quiet time or a bit of both? Would she like breakfast in bed or would she prefer to sleep in? And wait, what’s her favourite dinner??

To get some insight on what moms really want, we quizzed our families and staff about their perfect Mother’s Day. We hope their answers inspire you to celebrate the moms and other mother-figures in your life this weekend! Remember, if you’re really stumped, just ask her how she’d like to spend the day—we bet she’ll tell you. And when it comes to planning meals, our Mother’s Day Collection is also available to help you out. Happy Mother’s Day!

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Mother’s Day is emotional for a lot of families. Some people make a point to celebrate with loved ones while others are missing their moms. Here are some of the things our team shared with us:

“It’s a day to celebrate my mom, my kids and all of the special women in my life!”
“It’s a day to celebrate all of the sacrifices and love that mothers put in daily.”
“It’s a celebration of family and love.”
“It’s about showing appreciation for all the hard work all mothers put in and for loving unconditionally.”

What is your favourite way to spend Mother’s Day?

No two moms are alike, but we definitely see a theme here! Here’s what our team had to say about how they’d like to spend Mother’s Day.

“With my kids and grandkids!”
“Eating a meal with family and friends.”
“Spending time with my family outdoors.”
“With my son, ideally, having some good food and spending quality time together.”

Love, quality time with family and good food—these are all things we can get behind. And yes, sleep—every mom’s greatest wish! (Knowing this, a delicious meal followed by a nap sounds like a good plan.)

What would your ideal Mother’s Day brunch or dinner look like?

The big question: what will you be cooking for Mom on Mother’s Day? We shared some ideas last week, but here’s what our team shared.

“A big brunch with sides of fresh fruit and veggies. And maybe my son would get me some flowers, even if they are field ones.”
“Anything made by my kids that I don’t have to clean up.”
“Brunch in bed with eggs, bacon, toast and fresh fruit.”
“French fries and champagne!”
“Anything I don’t have to make or clean up afterwards!”

If you’re sensing another theme, you’re correct: it’s that Mom isn’t doing any of the work on Mother’s Day. No cooking, no cleaning (but plenty of being spoiled). As it should be!

Happy Mother’s Day from VG Meats

From everyone at VG Meats, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. We are especially grateful for our own mom, Joan, our grandmother and our wonderful wives. These women are the heart of everything we do (and often the backbone). We love them very much and appreciate them always. And to all of the moms on our staff and in our community: Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve the very best.