It’s almost Mother’s Day—and we’re here to help you celebrate

It’s almost Mother’s Day—and we’re here to help you celebrate

Moms are pretty awesome, and they’re worth celebrating any day of the year—but on Mother’s Day, it’s extra important to honour and celebrate the women who helped raise you (or the mother of your own children). Whether you had a single mom who did it all herself or were raised by a village that included aunts, grandmothers and family friends, it’s time to recognize these special women for their love and dedication over the years.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th, 2022—just over a week away. Here are some ideas to help you create an amazing family meal in honour of the incredible moms, grandmothers, aunts, stepmoms and other mother-figures in your life. We’ll be back on the blog next week talking about what moms really want for Mother’s Day—in the meantime, it’s time to start planning your breakfast in bed, brunch or dinner menu. Let’s go!

Start the day on a high note

Some moms love breakfast in bed, but others want to sleep in on Mother’s Day and enjoy a late brunch. Find out what time the mom in your life wants to start her day and plan a delicious morning meal with her favourite foods. VG Meats has delicious pork bacon, beef bacon, maple bacon, peameal bacon, breakfast sausage and more. Don’t forget the farm fresh eggs (and some delicious local cheese, if you’re making an omelette or breakfast sandwich).

Rest, relaxation and another great meal

Every mom is unique but if there’s one thing mothers have in common, it’s that they deserve a break. After an afternoon spent however mom wants, it’s time to sit down to a delicious family dinner featuring her favourite steak, a smoked pork chop or other dinner items. Our Mother’s Day Collection is packed with great ideas including our tender prime rib roast, roasting chickens, beef tenderloin steaks and more. Add a great wine, some flowers for the table and a delicious dessert—these thoughtful touches are meaningful and add a celebratory feel to any home-cooked meal.

Yes, you’re doing the dishes

No matter what you cooked for breakfast, brunch or dinner, one thing is certain: no mom should be doing the dishes on Mother’s Day. When dinner’s over, it’s time for Mom to relax while the rest of the family handles the dishes and kitchen clean-up. It’s her special day, after all! And after all of the effort you’ve put in, she’s sure to know just how much she’s loved. Happy Mother’s Day!