Get ready to BBQ!

Get ready to BBQ!

We’ve been inching towards warmer weather and backyard dinners for weeks now here in southern Ontario, but as we get ready to turn the calendar page to May, we’re calling it: BBQ weather is here, and it’s time to stock up your freezer with local beef, poultry, lamb and pork products from VG Meats. We’ve waited long enough! Here are a few staples you’ll want to load up on (don’t forget to refill the propane, too). Thanks for shopping local, and happy grilling!

Burgers and hot dogs

Burgers are a must, and we’ve got some great ones. Choose from our ground chuck burgers, portobello steak burgers, beef and bison burgers, chopped sirloin burgers, our classic regular burgers and more. You’ll also want to grab some of our pork hot dogs or beef hot dogs—a summertime favourite of kids and adults alike! And if you haven’t tried our chicken burgers and turkey burgers yet, you’re missing out. These are the products you want on hand all summer long, so whenever the craving for a burger strikes, you’re ready.

Chicken and pork

We love a good chicken breast or pork chop on the grill (especially these bone-in beauties), but don’t stop there. Our pork sausages are a summer must-have no matter which flavour your family loves (mild Italian is a popular choice). We also have whole split chicken wings, drumsticks, boneless thighs, our uniquely delicious chicken sausage and other great poultry options. Remember to cook up some extra chicken or pork to use in sandwiches and salads later on! Sometimes, your leftovers create a meal that’s as good as the original.

Steaks, steaks, and more steaks

Ontario beef is some of the best in the world, and our steaks are second to none. Consider stocking up on sirloins, striploins, rib-eyes, Delmonicos, T-bones or Denver steaks (a delicious and cost-effective option that many customers love). Or, try some mini steaks! They’re amazing for smaller dinners or as half of a surf n’ turf plate. We recommend asking one of our butchers which steak best suits your needs—they’re experts, after all, and they’re always happy to help.

Finally, take a look at our freezer bundles and bulk buys—they’re an awesome way to save on delicious, high quality local meat. Thanks as always for reading and have a great weekend!