VG Meats now offers select Rowe Farms products!

VG Meats now offers select Rowe Farms products!

There have been a few exciting things happening behind the scenes at VG Meats, and we wanted to take this opportunity to fill you all in on some news. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may already know - but in case you missed it, here we go again: VG Meats is pleased to announce that our Stoney Creek location now offers great products from our friends at Rowe Farms!

Here’s a quick look at how this happened and why it’s great news for our customers.

More choice and a great partnership

Rowe Farms is a like-minded Ontario food producer that we've had a fantastic relationship with for nearly a decade. The business was started by John Rowe back in 1972 and like us, they’re a family operation. For decades, Rowe Farms products have been available in grocery stores and sold directly from their farm in nearby Guelph, Ontario. After discussing our shared values and goals over the course of several years, the Rowe and VG Meats teams recently made the decision to carry Rowe products in VG Meats retail locations. This collaboration is already going well, and we’re thrilled that our customers are enjoying the extra selection!Rowe farms sustainable raised products available here

So why Rowe? Well, there are several reasons. Rowe produces high quality beef, pork, chicken, deli products and eggs, all made right here in Southern Ontario. Rowe Farms is a conscientious company that works with integrity throughout all elements of the business. All animals are raised locally in humane and low-stress environments without the use of unnecessary antibiotics or added hormones. They have open access to food and water, can move freely about their space and eat a carefully planned vegetarian diet that was developed with nutritional specialists. Like VG Meats, Rowe values sustainability, quality, traceability and high care farming practices. Furthermore, our teams share important ethics and plans for the future - an important element of any professional relationship.

We've always considered the Rowe team colleagues rather than competition, so when the opportunity arose to partner in this way, we jumped at it. Having more options is great for our customers, and we're pleased to expand our product offering while supporting other local farmers. This offering, combined by our selection of local cheese, breads and fresh produce, makes VG Meats a true one-stop-shop for your family's local food needs. For both customers and food producers, this is a huge win.

Putting Ontario food producers on the map

Choice is a beautiful thing, and we’re offering you more great local food than ever before. By working with other great Ontario farms instead of competing against them, we’re helping put Ontario food producers on the world map. The VG Meats team is very pleased to carry Rowe Farms products and hope you’ll join us in officially welcoming them to the VG Meats family. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. We hope you'll stop by the Stoney Creek store this weekend and pick up some amazing local products from both Rowe Farms and VG Meats!