Try our delicious marinated beef short ribs—now available in stores and online!

Try our delicious marinated beef short ribs—now available in stores and online!

VG Meats offers a wide variety of delicious local foods including Ontario beef, poultry, lamb and pork products. A lot of what we produce is exceptional cuts of meat—classic steaks, pork chops and boneless skinless chicken breasts, for example—but we also serve homestyle prepared foods and specialty items in our fresh counter.

The VG team introduces new products on a fairly regular basis—sometimes brand new items, other times popular in-store products that we’ve made widely available in a new format. Our tender, flavourful, marinated Ontario beef short ribs are a case of the latter, and they’re online now. We’re so excited for you to experience this product—it’s available in Southwest and Korean BBQ.

A short history of our short ribs

Short ribs are a tender, delicious cut of Ontario beef that we’ve often used in our own homes for entertaining. They fall off the bone and are always a crowd-pleaser, whether you’re serving them as an app or the centre of the plate. We’ve carried marinated beef short ribs in the fresh counter at our Stoney Creek retail location for years, and many customers suggested that this was one of their favourite VG Meats items. Knowing how delicious and increasingly popular our marinated short ribs are, we decided to introduce them in a convenient boxed format: marinated, frozen and ready to go whenever you’re craving them. Offering them in this format also allowed us to distribute them more widely throughout our retail network—great news if you shop at one of our partners like Rowe Farms in Guelph or Toronto.

Now that our short ribs are so easy to access and keep on hand, there’s no reason not to try them. They’re truly an amazing product—tender, flavourful and super easy to cook at home. In fact, even if you overcook them, they’re still incredible. Youngest VG brother Kevin recommends serving them with this seasoned butter rice and this ultimate Caesar salad (that’s how his family enjoys them). If you enjoy wine, a great red pairs beautifully with this product!

Shop in store or online

If you’re ready to try our marinated beef short ribs or need to stock up on other great products, VG Meats has retail locations in Simcoe and Stoney Creek. We also offer home delivery to over 60 locations in southern Ontario. Thanks for shopping local, and enjoy the rest of your summer!