3 reasons to try our pasture-raised chicken this summer

3 reasons to try our pasture-raised chicken this summer

There’s nothing like tender, juicy, local chicken from small farms here in southern Ontario—especially when it’s pasture-raised on lush green fields in Norfolk County. VG Meats has some of the best poultry you’ve ever tasted, and whether you like it grilled, slow-cooked, fried or roasted with your favourite vegetables, it makes a pretty incredible meal. And our pastured chicken? It’s the best of the best!

We’re proud of every single product we put out, but this one is particularly special. If you haven’t experienced it yet, here are three reasons to try our pasture-raised chicken this summer. It’s available in stores and online!

It’s tender and delicious

Pasture-raised chicken is incredibly tender and delicious, making it a customer favourite. It’s got great flavour that lends itself well to roasting, making bone broth or homemade chicken soup, so be sure to make use of the entire bird if you can. Our pasture-raised chicken is available whole or in boneless breasts, bone-in breasts, drums, split tip wings or thighs. And, because our pastured chickens are on the larger side this year, a little can go a long way. For example, one pasture-raised chicken breast will often feed two people. Or, enjoy the whole thing yourself—we won’t judge!

It helps us achieve regenerative outcomes

Our pastured chickens are raised outdoors on green grass with plenty of fresh air and clean water. Not only do they get to enjoy being outside in nature (protected from predators, of course), they play an important role in our holistic management plan. Chickens are great at pecking and agitating the ground as they eat—that’s a good thing—and their manure makes great natural fertilizer for the pasture. Once they’ve been moved to new grass, we wait for a period of time and then move cattle onto those fields so the cows can reap the benefits (lush, thick green grass for grazing). Here’s a more detailed read on our holistic management on pasture and how we achieve these outcomes on the farm.

It’s only available for a limited time!

Our pastured chicken is available while supplies last—likely around the first week of September. You can shop for this customer favourite in store or online—and feel free to speak with our butchers if you have any questions! They’d be happy to chat or make recommendations. Thanks for reading and supporting our family business, and if you try our pastured chickens, drop us a line on Facebook!