Team Dave! Your VG Meats butcher is headed to the World Butchers’ Challenge

Team Dave! Your VG Meats butcher is headed to the World Butchers’ Challenge

After several years of pandemic-related delays, the World Butchers’ Challenge is almost here—and longtime VG Meats butcher Dave Vander Velde is ready to help represent Team Canada in Sacramento, California in just over a week!

Since the announcement, we’ve blogged about our excitement for Dave a few times and he’s been featured in publications like Norfolk Today and The Hamilton Spectator. We’re extremely proud of Dave and all of the exceptional butchers on Team Canada, so today, we’re sharing a brief Q&A with the man himself. Here we go!

It’s almost time! How are you feeling?

Moving into the competition, I feel excited! A little nervous, which keeps us on our toes, but as a team, we are ready. The last four years of hard work, dedication and travel will soon come to a head.

What are you most looking forward to?

The thing that I’m looking forward to the most is meeting other butchers from around the world. I love learning, and every country does things a bit differently. I can’t wait to look at all the creative displays when it’s all done!

How have you been preparing?

The last event was four years ago, so this has been a long road. Our generous sponsors have stuck with us and made it possible for us to train and get to better know each other as a team. Cutting and virtual meetings only take us so far. The time we spend as a team just hanging out or having a family-style meal together is priceless. Honestly, I think that’s where the magic starts. And you realize you’re part of something bigger than you can ever imagine.

Who has been supporting you throughout this journey?

The team has been very supportive of one another and continuously sending notes of humour and praise. My family has given ongoing encouragement and excitement. And VG Meats, for allowing me the time to “play.”

Congratulations again, Dave—we’ll be cheering you on from home!