VG Meats’ butcher makes the top 3 in Ontario competition

VG Meats’ butcher makes the top 3 in Ontario competition

Around this time last year, we found out that VG Meats butcher extraordinaire Dave Vander Velde had been selected as one of just eight professional butchers chosen to represent Team Canada at the World Butcher Challenge. Exciting news, and a proud moment for our team - after all, we know how great Dave is, but now the world knows!

The good news has kept on coming. This week, Dave made it to the top three competitors in the annual Ontario’s Finest Butcher competition. Twelve competitors squared off in Mississauga in a competition hosted by Meat and Poultry Ontario (MPO), the industry association which represents meat and poultry processors. Of the initial competitors, three have moved on to the final round of the contest (scheduled for September 21 in Cambridge). We are incredibly proud of Dave for making it into the top three and have no doubt he’ll do an amazing job in the next round!

In Dave’s own words

We asked Dave how his competition experience has been so far, what he’s expecting in the top three and what inspires him to keep going and make amazing food for VG Meats’ customers. He told us, “This was such a great experience! Knowing that every knot you make and every piece you cut is being judged in real time is both nerve racking and exciting at the same time. It is also very educational to watch other butchers and learn new techniques. The final round will be even more challenging since it is a ‘mystery box.’ We are given a theme, but have no idea what proteins we will be asked to cut.

Fresh quality food that has been grown by local family farmers have always inspired me. I enjoy cooking and barbequing at home. I love offering new products in our meat counters and being able to talk to customers that have a passion for local food, butchery and cooking. Experimenting with different cuts is also something I feel is necessary because VG Meats is committed to nose-to-tail butchery. Being able to talk to other butchers and have co-workers that share these same values is not only inspiring, but also motivating.”

Another reason to love Ontario food

Congratulations to Dave on his growing accomplishments, and thanks for helping us put Ontario food on the map. If you’d like to try some incredible Ontario beef, chicken or pork products, please visit us in Simcoe or Stoney Creek or shop online at Thanks for reading, and please join us in saying GOOD LUCK AT THE FINALS, DAVE!