3 easy fall lunch ideas from VG Meats

3 easy fall lunch ideas from VG Meats

Many families have kids going back to school this week, whether it’s in a physical classroom or using distance learning methods at home. This choice is very personal, and we wish all families a safe and happy September. No matter where you are, one thing’s for sure: all that learning means you need a good lunch! Here are some quick and easy ideas that work at school or home.

Ploughman’s lunch

A traditional ploughman’s lunch consists of cold slices of ham, some nice bread and butter, cheese, pickles and whatever else you want to add for good measure. Some people like to add a hard boiled egg for extra protein! This makes a great meal at home but can also be put into a bento-style lunch box for an appealing school lunch. Keep it simple by using sliced ham from our deli counter or use thick, delicious slices of leftover ham from dinner. Or, use our mild pepperettes for a fun twist!

Homemade soup

If you take the time to make a batch of homemade soup in the evening, you’ll have lunches for days to come. We love chicken soup (Matty Matheson has an incredible recipe) but you can try beef barley, turkey and rice, potato with bacon, mulligatawny or anything else your family enjoys. Soup keeps well in most thermoses, making it a great choice for school!

Grilled chicken salad

The easiest lunch in the world might be grilled chicken salad (assuming you have some grilled chicken on hand, of course). We recommend BBQing some boneless, skinless chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper. Chill them overnight and when lunchtime rolls around, add slices of cold grilled chicken to your favourite salad greens and veggies. You can throw on some croutons, grated cheese or other toppings to taste. Or, turn it into a wrap instead!

Shop in store or online

No matter what your family is doing this fall, we’d love to be a part of your lunch and dinner menu. You can shop in store at our Simcoe or Stoney Creek locations, or order online at VGfarmtocity.ca. Thanks for reading, enjoy these tasty lunch ideas and take care!