How to pair fresh Ontario produce with your favourite VG Meats products

How to pair fresh Ontario produce with your favourite VG Meats products

We love local beef, chicken, lamb and pork products, and there’s nothing like fresh Ontario produce in the summer. So when you put those two things together? Well, we’re officially in heaven!

Here’s a look at what’s in season right now along with suggested pairings from VG Meats. Shop in store or online at, grab some amazing local produce and enjoy!


Ontario blueberries are phenomenal, especially if you can find wild blueberries at a farm stand somewhere in cottage country (or, if you’re lucky, at your local farmers market). While you may be used to making pies and jam or simply snacking on them by the handful, blueberries are amazing in a salad with arugula and your favourite steak (sliced and served on top). Create your own version or try this recipe!


Cranberries pair beautifully with turkey, of course, and Thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t be the only time you experience this combination. Add some homemade cranberry jam to your turkey burgers along with some sliced brie and red onions. Or, roast one of our incredible pastured chickens with cranberries, orange and rosemary (here’s a great recipe). You can also make cranberry mayo for your turkey sandwiches!


Over the past few years, cauliflower has gone from being a basic vegetable to being, well, everything: rice, a replacement for mashed potatoes, pizza crust, you name it! We have no problem with creative veggie use, but when Ontario cauliflower is in season, you’ll want to roast it with some fresh garlic, sea salt and olive oil. Serve it alongside our delicious pork chops or sweet fennel pork sausages for a simple yet incredibly satisfying summer meal.


We love Greek food, and moussaka is an amazing dish to make at home. It’s savoury, has great layers of texture, and uses a delicious combination of ingredients. Use our ground lamb along with fresh Ontario eggplant to bring this Bobby Flay recipe to life. Serve it with a fresh green salad and a great glass of local wine!


August is the perfect time to eat zucchini—even better if it’s from your own garden!—and you can go beyond the usual preparations like grilling, pan-frying or roasting in the oven. Consider this delicious recipe for stuffed zucchini boats with Italian sausage. (You can also use ground beef, pork or lamb if you prefer.) It’s an easy, summery dish that your whole family will love. Happy cooking—and if you end up making any of these dishes, please let us know about it on Instagram or Facebook!