Pack a perfect weekend picnic

Pack a perfect weekend picnic

We may be in the final stretches of summer, but it’s not over yet. There are more sunny days ahead, plenty of fresh air to breathe in on a long hike, and lots of delicious meals to be enjoyed with family and friends. Now, about that — how do you feel about a picnic?

Whether you’re looking for a weekend activity for the family or a new spin on date night, a summer picnic is always a good time. All you need is a cooler or insulated bag, some awesome food and a great place to lay out your picnic blanket. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Step one: head over to VG Meats

VG Meats has everything you need for the perfect summer picnic. There are obvious choices, like sandwiches made with our delicious deli meats, or create some charcuterie-on-the-go (just pack everything in individual containers to keep it fresh). You can also pack sliced ham, Little VG pepperettes or even beef jerky. If you shop in store, there are also great local condiments to choose from. Don’t forget some local cheese — we carry great varieties by Jensen.

Step two: fruit, veggies and bread

Next, add a container of fresh grapes, sliced melon or Ontario strawberries. Peaches are in season, so consider bringing some of those as well. We also recommend packing sliced veggies with your favourite dip. Want something easy for the kids? Everyone loves a fresh, juicy apple, and they usually travel well.

You may also want to pack some crackers and cheese, a fresh baguette with butter, or some pita bread and hummus. Or, pack a bag of tortilla chips and some fresh salsa — yum.

Step three: get ready to hydrate

On a hot summer day, you’ll need chilled drinks and shade. Refillable bottles of ice cold water are a must (an insulated water bottle works best) but other tasty beverage ideas include lemonade, iced tea or cans of sparkling water in summery citrus flavours. (And hey, if it’s date night and you’re not driving, feel free to sneak in a bottle of the other type of bubbly.)

Step four: treat yourself

Every picnic should end with a sweet treat! Cookies are an easy choice for families, but there are plenty of other options for dessert. Consider bringing brownies, lemon squares, even a few scoops of ice cream or gelato in a mason jar if you’ve got a really great cooler and a bag of ice. That’s all there is to it — have a great weekend!