Get ready for Labour Day weekend with great deals on your favourite burgers!

Get ready for Labour Day weekend with great deals on your favourite burgers!

Labour Day weekend often feels like the end of summer, even if we still have weeks of sunshine and beautiful weather ahead. It’s symbolic in a lot of ways, especially if you’ve got kids heading back to school (or are a teacher heading back to work). Labour Day might be when you close up the cottage, pack away your tents after all that summer camping, or tidy up the gardens before fall weather hits. Or maybe it’s when you have an annual BBQ with friends and family and let the good times roll!

The long weekend is just over a week away, so it’s time to get ready. The only thing better than a delicious burger is a delicious burger you got on sale, and VG Meats is here to make it happen. The Labour Day Burger Event is here — fill up your cart, fire up the grill or smoker and enjoy!

Burgers, burgers and more burgers

We’ve got just about every kind of burger under the sun on sale at great prices, from our Woodhouse Beef Patties to our Ground Chuck Burgers and Chopped Sirloin Burgers. There’s also an amazing deal on our 10 lb boxes of Regular Beef Burgers and yes, chicken burgers and turkey burgers are also on sale. Check out the full collection here!

Don’t forget your other favourites

While you’re loading up on burgers, don’t forget to grab some beef hot dogs, chicken breasts, pork back ribs, sausages and other BBQ favourites. Variety is the spice of life (and yes, we have spices, too).

Shop in store or online

VG Meats has retail locations in Simcoe and Stoney Creek, and we’re always happy to see you in store (if you shop in person, be sure to check out our in-store specials). Or, shop online at and get home delivery to over 55 locations across southern Ontario! No matter how you shop, we’re grateful for your support of our family business. Now, let’s go enjoy these last few weeks of summer!