Hot days, cool meals — make the most of summer with VG Meats!

Hot days, cool meals — make the most of summer with VG Meats!

We love a good BBQ on a hot summer’s day, but sometimes, you just need to cool down. You know those afternoons when the temperature is so high and the air is so humid, it feels like a sauna everywhere you go? Yeah, on those days we like to keep things cool. Here are some great heat-free dinner ideas to inspire you!

Caesar salad with bacon and grilled chicken

There is nothing easier than this classic, crowd-pleasing summer dish. The secret: make it with leftovers! If you’ve got extra chicken from last night’s BBQ in the fridge, slice it into strips, cube it into bite-size pieces or shred it — anything goes. Now all you need is some crunchy romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese. Top it off with some delicious bacon and you’re all set. A slice of lemon on the side is a nice finishing touch!

Another great dinner salad that uses chicken and bacon is a classic Cobb. Here’s a simple recipe for that meal — it might just become a summer favourite at your house!

Charcuterie for dinner

Here’s the plan: grab your biggest cutting board or serving platter and spread out a nice variety of cured meats from the deli counter at VG Meats. Add some local cheese (we have Jensen cheese in store), your favourite crackers or a thin-sliced baguette, some delicious olives and a small bowl of nuts (almonds or cashews usually pair well). You can also include sliced apples with local honey, fresh grapes or berries and your favourite spreads (fig jam is a tasty option). Add a second plate with sliced vegetables, hummus and other dips, and you’ve got a balanced meal that requires zero cooking (and zero heat in the kitchen). Just watch everyone dive in!

Ham and cheese quiche with salad

A ham and cheese quiche is great because it can be served warm or cold (and pssst — we sell farm fresh eggs!). Try making one in the evening and refrigerating it overnight. Or, make it first thing in the morning and chill it throughout the day (here’s a great easy recipe). Serve your chilled quiche with your favourite green salad and you’ve got a hearty, healthy, delicious meal for the whole family. Bonus: if you have extra meat on hand after preparing this dish, use it to make some thick-cut ham and cheese sandwiches or savoury breakfast omelettes. Yum!

VG Meats has everything you need in store and online at We offer home delivery to over 55 locations across southern Ontario, often with next day service. Now get cooking, stay cool and enjoy every last bite of summer!