Delicious, festive side dishes to try this holiday season

Delicious, festive side dishes to try this holiday season

Christmas is officially less than 10 days away, so if you haven’t planned your holiday dinner yet—this is your sign to get moving! We’ve gathered up some amazing recipes to inspire your holiday menu no matter what you’re cooking. Remember, all of your holiday favourites are available to order online with home delivery available to many regions. Thanks for shopping local—now, here are those great holiday recipes.

If you’re having turkey

We’re big fans of traditional holiday side dishes with turkey—stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, roasted root vegetables or brussels sprouts—but it’s always fun to add something new to the menu. Here are a few tasty options that pair well with turkey.

  • This great sheet pan recipe, which puts a simple twist on classic creamed onions.
  • This awesome harvest salad with squash and pomegranate, which adds a fresh element to any holiday dinner.
  • This creamy corn casserole, which takes a basic vegetable to a whole new level.

If you’re having ham

There are a few side dishes that pair beautifully with a classic ham dinner—a green bean casserole or scalloped potatoes, for example—but don’t stop there. Here are some alternatives and add-ons your family will love.

If you’re having prime rib

If you’re serving prime rib or another beef roast, you can’t go wrong with a great potato (mashed, baked, scalloped or the hasselback recipe we linked to above) plus some homemade Yorkshire puddings and your favourite vegetables. But if you want to mix things up, these delicious dishes would nicely complement your prime rib dinner.

Sidenote: if all of this cooking seems a little daunting, remember: we also offer fully cooked turkey and a great selection of prepared side dishes!

Thanks as always for reading—we hope this helps you with your festive meal-planning. If you need any help placing your Christmas order, please contact your local VG Meats retail location by phone or email (or, stop by in person). Our team is here to help. Have a great weekend—the next one on the calendar is Christmas!