As the demand for home delivery grows, we’re adding to our team

As the demand for home delivery grows, we’re adding to our team

Over the past week, demand for VG Meats products and our Farm to City delivery service in particular has grown exponentially. We are honoured that so many people are trusting us to provide food for their families, knowing that we value quality and food safety above all else. We detailed our commitment to your health and safety in last week’s blog - please review this message if you haven’t already!

Safety remains our top priority

It has become clear that we need to bring on some new staff members in order to fulfill demand. Rather than turn customers away, we are committed to feeding Ontario families - particularly as food delivery services become more and more critical for those remaining at home. That said, we understand that it’s not “business as usual” in terms of bringing on new staff, and careful measures must be implemented to ensure continued food safety. Please rest assured that this is top of mind with the VG Meats team and the entire VG family. We are taking every precaution and will be providing additional training related to COVID-19 health and safety measures.

It’s important that we continue to serve our community during this challenging time, and we are dedicated to doing so. Our standards remain exceptionally high and will not waver. Thank you again for trusting in us - as a family business, your support is invaluable.

Calling all restaurant and catering employees

We are aware that many workers in the foodservice industry are losing wages due to temporary restaurant closures. We strongly encourage those individuals to apply as they may have transferable skills and be a great match with our team. We would love to support these workers and offer them a fair wage while their primary job is temporarily on hold. If you fit this description, please consider reaching out today - and if you have friends or family members who might want the opportunity to work with us, please share this with them! This may be the temporary solution we both need.

Apply now

Please read this application carefully and be aware that all applicants will be screened by phone and/or over email. Additional measures will be taken to ensure that all new staff members meet our stringent guidelines for health and safety practices, including strict adherence to all current COVID-19 prevention guidelines (social distancing, frequent hand washing, additional sanitizing routines, etc).

To apply now, please fill out this web form. While we may not be able to respond individually to each applicant, we will be in touch with those who we feel could be a good match. Thanks again to our amazing customers, our dedicated staff and the greater community. We look forward to continuing to serve you safely and with the utmost care.