3 quick and easy meal ideas for Halloween night

3 quick and easy meal ideas for Halloween night

If you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night or handing out candy in the neighbourhood, you probably won’t have time to cook up a traditional Sunday dinner. After all, who wants to be cooking or washing dishes when there are adorable little ghosts and ghouls knocking on your door for treats?

It’s all about fast and easy food on October 31st—but it can still be hearty and delicious. Here are three quick and easy meal ideas to get you started. Be warned: they’re so good, it’s almost spooky.

Prepared dishes from VG Meats

Nothing is as easy as a delicious meal we cooked for you. Consider some pulled pork or slow roasted beef in gravy on a fresh bun, a nice bowl of our classic homestyle chili, a heaping plate of Shepherd’s pie or some tender, saucy BBQ chicken (here’s three easy, tasty ways to use it). We’ve also got incredible pizzas now! And as every busy family knows, you can’t go wrong with pizza.

Slow cooker meals

Slow cooker meals can be prepped ahead of time and enjoyed whenever you’re ready to eat—before trick or treating, after, individually or as a family. Do whatever works! Consider a savoury beef stew made with our tender Ontario stewing beef, some chicken breasts with your favourite marinade, a one-dish beef stroganoff or a slow cooker chicken pot pie served with or without biscuits. Hungry yet?

Everyone loves sandwiches

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple, and a good sandwich is always satisfying. Check out the deli selection at VG Meats in Simcoe or Stoney Creek, or shop from our online store and create your favourite sandwiches before hitting the streets for chocolate bars. Or, make a charcuterie board and nibble away throughout the night! We’ve got everything you need in stores and online. Happy Halloween!