You can now add “off the menu” items to your Farm to City order!

You can now add “off the menu” items to your Farm to City order!

Here at VG Meats, we strive to offer as many great options as possible on our Farm to City website but we’ll admit it - we can’t fit everything on there. With all of the delicious beef, chicken, pork and prepared foods we offer, our menu would be a mile long! In order to maintain high quality and efficiency in our delivery channels, we’ve had to keep our online store a certain size, which means some items have been considered “in store only.”

Hold on to your hats - that’s about to change!

Good news: if you want something “off menu” added to your Farm to City order, we can now do it. Yup, you can add that extra-thick steak, some poultry cut to your specifications, those amazing local condiments we sell in store or the prepared side dishes you love. Here’s how it works!

How to order “off the menu” at VG Meats

If the majority of your order consists of items that are available online, please use our Farm to City website as per usual and pay for what you’ve selected. You can choose home delivery at checkout (if you incur a delivery fee and then purchase additional items that take your total spend over the free delivery minimum, we can correct this later). Then, call our Stoney Creek location and ask to speak to our online store manager, Danny, to let him know what else you want added to the order. Danny will personally handle any custom add-ons, whether it’s a single jar of our Tandoori spice rub or a dozen custom cut pork chops. Add as much or as little as you want - it’s up to you! Once Danny has taken your “off the menu” order, he’ll add these items to your Farm to City order and ensure that everything is delivered as one awesome package. It’s that easy!

Is your entire order custom or off the menu? Go ahead and call Danny right away. And if you’re ordering outside of regular business hours, simply email Danny a list of your requests along with your contact information - he’ll call you when he’s back in store to complete the order. Please do not email your credit card information!

(More) choice is good

We’ve got plenty of incredible choices on our website, but a whole new world has opened up with these add-ons. From custom cuts to finishing touches, anything is possible! If you’re ready to shop “off the menu” and have your VG Meats favourites delivered, please call Danny at 905-664-2020 or email Thanks for visiting the blog, and take care!