Thanksgiving meal ideas from VG Meats

Thanksgiving meal ideas from VG Meats

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is closely associated with food as well as family. Many of us have warm memories of Thanksgiving dinner around the table with our loved ones, and we bet you have a favourite dish or two. Maybe it’s the turkey itself, or perhaps those delicious mashed potatoes and gravy…or hey, maybe you love roasted Brussels sprouts! We sure do. (Though we also want to mention pumpkin pie…)

Cooking your family’s favourite dishes is a great way to approach Thanksgiving dinner, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new as well. A mix of new and familiar dishes can be really lovely—and over time, some of those ‘new’ dishes may become family favourites! Here are some Thanksgiving meal ideas to consider—we hope they inspire you and become a part of those memories made around the holiday table.

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Turkey and all the fixings

A roasted turkey dinner is a popular choice with many families, and with good reason. This is a delicious, comforting, classic meal that works well with a number of autumnal vegetables and other side dishes. If you’re roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving, consider making some of these great side dishes (along with those must-have mashed potatoes and gravy, of course). Make sure you’ve got an awesome stuffing recipe, too!

A classic holiday ham

Ham isn’t as common for Thanksgiving dinner, but it sure is delicious. It’s also incredibly easy to prepare in the oven, on your barbeque or even in your slow cooker! If your family is serving ham, consider these tasty sides.

Prime rib roast

When we hear the words “prime rib roast,” our mouths start watering. You cannot go wrong with this exceptional cut of Ontario beef! If you’re preparing a prime rib roast this Thanksgiving weekend, here are some complementary sides to consider. Don’t forget some great horseradish and fresh rolls!

A buffet-style family feast

Hosting a big crowd? Offering several different meat options is a great way to go. Consider roasting a turkey in the oven, warming a ham on the barbeque or in your slow cooker, and/or preparing a prime rib roast in a second oven or on the barbeque (here’s how). Choose side dishes that can be prepared ahead of time or require minimal preparation—when you’re hosting a big gathering, time management is as critical as cooking skill! Here are some more options that work well for a large family.

These side dishes have us feeling hungry already, but it all starts with your main course—don’t forget to place that holiday pre-order! VG Meats is pleased to offer home delivery to local customers. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!