Happy Mother's Day from VG Meats

Happy Mother's Day from VG Meats

Mother’s Day weekend is almost here and as always, we’re thinking about two very important things: what to eat, and how to properly celebrate the mothers and mother-figures in our lives. Let’s start with the first part: Mother’s Day brunch or dinner!

What to cook on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day brunch or dinner should revolve around one theme: what mom loves to eat. This might mean a great steak (even a Tomahawk!) or prime rib, a delicious roast chicken, some ribs on the BBQ, her favourite pork chops or an amazing breakfast with our beef bacon, peameal bacon or coffee-rubbed bacon. Yum! Just make sure it’s prepared with love and served with her favourite accompaniments — and, that someone else does the dishes. You can’t go wrong! And when in doubt, get her some flowers, too.

Now, on to the second and most important part: expressing love and gratitude to the incredible women who make our lives and communities better!

It all begins with Mom VG

None of the VG brothers would be here without Joan Van Groningen, an exceptional mother who raised four active boys while supporting a growing family business. She balanced a lot of different roles and somehow, made it look easy! Mom VG really is an outstanding woman (and now, an awesome grandma!) and the entire Van Groningen family is grateful to her. On Mother’s Day and always, the VG brothers are sending their love to the best of the best — their mom!

A special message to our partners

The celebration doesn’t stop there. All four VG brothers are blessed with incredible wives who are also incredible mothers: Heidi, Nicole, Raelynn and Morgan. While these four women are individuals with unique skills, interests and personalities, they share a few great qualities. They’re all smart, kind, loving people who are truly wonderful mothers. Their children are lucky to have them, and so are their husbands! Each and every one of the VG brothers feels lucky to have the partner they do, and will be sending their love and gratitude to their wife on Mother’s Day (and always). Happy Mother’s Day to all of the VG wives. The brothers would be lost without you!

Now, don’t forget to call the special mothers or mother-figures in your own life and tell them what they mean to you. This year more than ever, it’s important to share your love on this special day. From all of us at VG Meats, happy Mother’s Day!