The long weekend is coming — and so is The Great Burger Event!

The long weekend is coming — and so is The Great Burger Event!

We’re about ten days away from the first long weekend of the year, and if you’re anything like us, that’s something to look forward to.There’s nothing like grilling up your favourite foods on a beautiful spring day, enjoying fresh air and feeling the warm sun on your face! (Thank you, Queen Victoria, for giving us this annual tradition in honour of your birthday.)

We hope you have a hammock, a Muskoka chair or another comfortable spot to relax outdoors this weekend (better yet, a backyard pool). Here are a few ideas to help you shop for the long weekend.

Grill up something good

There are a few backyard BBQ classics that never go out of style, and VG Meats has them all. Load up on delicious steaks, pork chops, pork ribs, sausages, hot dogs and chicken breasts (don’t forget your favourite spice rubs). All of these options are perfect with a delicious homemade potato salad, some grilled vegetables or a big scoop of coleslaw. Yum!

If you’ve got a smoker or a rotisserie, consider a beef brisket or a tender whole chicken. It’s all about low and slow, especially on a long weekend! Take your time and reap the tasty rewards.

The Great Burger Event (it’s kind of a big deal)

When you think about a long weekend BBQ in your backyard, burgers immediately come to mind. Knowing this, VG Meats has prepared a special sale for the Victoria Day long weekend. For a limited time starting Monday, May 17th, VG Meats will be hosting The Great Burger Event online. Get ready for amazing deals on your favourite beef burgers, chicken patties and more. Stock up on your favourites for the long weekend, or for the whole summer!

These deals will be available online only through Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the announcement that it’s gone live!

Happy long weekend

We may not be able to gather this long weekend, but we can cook up something delicious, enjoy the sunshine and have a (well deserved) weekend of rest and relaxation. Here’s to Victoria Day — and The Great Burger Event!