Christmas dinner ideas from VG Meats

Christmas dinner ideas from VG Meats

Christmas is only two weeks away, and if you’re the cook in your household, we bet you’re already planning a fantastic meal. Of course, we’re all cooking smaller scale versions of the usual holiday feast this year — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special. In fact, enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner at the end of a challenging year is something we think will bring a lot of comfort and nostalgia. Here’s to enjoying some delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy and all the sides! (Don’t forget the pumpkin pie for dessert!)

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Start with the classics

Every great meal begins with the perfect centerpiece. Start by choosing turkey, ham, a delectable beef tenderloin, a delicious pork roast or another family favourite. Or, choose more than one! Variety is good and it’s always nice to have leftovers.

Once you’ve chosen your protein, cook up some creamy garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. If you’re cooking turkey, you’ve gotta have stuffing! Dinner rolls are another holiday dinner standby that everyone loves. Here’s a great recipe if you’re interested in making them from scratch. Now, let’s talk about veggies.

Cook the rainbow

Want to make your holiday menu shine? Try cooking the rainbow! When planning your vegetable side dishes, make an effort to cook a variety of flavours and colours. Not only is this a great way to develop complementary flavours, it creates a visually appealing plate. Try something orange (roasted carrots or butternut squash, perhaps) and something green (roast Brussels sprouts, a green bean casserole or simple steamed broccoli) and one other item, like sweet corn.

Add something special

Some side dishes stand out because they really take things to the next level. Consider making a sweet potato casserole, some delicious creamed onions or these roasted green beans with cranberry and walnuts. There’s also this recipe for roasted squash with goat cheese and poached cranberries or these beautiful, multi-colored heirloom carrots. These recipes are so good, the mashed potatoes will be jealous! 

Happy (almost) holidays, and don’t forget to place your holiday orders soon.