6 foods to serve at your 2022 Super Bowl party

6 foods to serve at your 2022 Super Bowl party

This weekend, the Los Angeles Rams will take on the Cincinnati Bengals in Inglewood, California for Super Bowl LVI. It’s going to be an amazing game but even if you don’t like football (gasp!) you’ll want to tune in for the halftime show, which is every millennial’s dream lineup featuring Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Sounds like a party to us! And naturally, there will be some incredible Super Bowl game day food on hand—at least, there will be if you shop at VG Meats.

Get ready to cheer on your team—and fill your belly—this Super Bowl Sunday. Here are six delicious ideas for your viewing party. (And psssst—don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is on Monday.)

Chicken wings

Chicken wings are a given at any Super Bowl party, and we’ve got some of the best. Make your own using our unseasoned chicken wings or go with a flavourful pre-seasoned option like our Sweet Paprika or Curry Peppercorn wings. Want something a little more substantial? Try our Jerk chicken drumsticks.

Pork ribs

Saucy, tangy, delicious ribs…they’re the perfect centrepiece to any Super Bowl spread. We recommend these awesome St. Louis style pork ribs but you could also go with our classic pork back ribs or incredible beef ribs. Or, cook up some tender pork riblets! You won’t go wrong with any of these options.


Simple, delicious and sure to be a popular item on your Super Bowl snack table, nachos are always a good idea. Make yours with ground beef, pulled BBQ chicken, pulled Buffalo chicken or pulled pork! We also have Jensen cheese for that perfect melty bite.


Whether it’s served in a bowl or on top of your favourite fries, we love chili on Super Bowl weekend. You can keep it simple by going with our amazing storemade chili or use our delicious ground beef to make your own. Don’t forget the hot sauce!

Burgers or sliders

VG Meats has loads of burger options including our chopped sirloin burger, portobello mushroom steak burgers, ground chuck burgers, turkey burgers, chicken patties and more. Or, use our ground beef and/or ground pork to make sliders! No matter how you top ‘em, they’re always a hit.


There’s no explanation needed—everyone loves pizza, and we’ve got three great options from Pizzeria Libretto including this classic pepperoni. Add one (or several) to your next order from VG Meats and you’ll have amazing pizza whenever you want it—including on Super Bowl Sunday.

Need more inspiration? Our Super Bowl Collection is available online and in stores. Have a great weekend!