5 ways to use leftover chicken

5 ways to use leftover chicken

There are two types of home cooks: the ones who make just enough meat for the specific meal they’re preparing, and those who like to have ‘a little extra’ at the end of the night. You know, those of us who enjoy leftovers (or simply cannot gauge how much chicken is needed to feed a family of four, oops). If you’ve ever had someone look at a meal you’re making and comment, ‘that’s enough food to feed an army!’, this post may be for you.

Chicken is one of our most popular items, from our delicious bone-in and boneless chicken breasts to whole chickens and more. Here are five easy, delicious ways to use leftover chicken to create new meals. If you have additional ideas, please let us know in the comments on Facebook!

Mmm, soup

Chicken soup is a classic dish that can be made with almost any ingredients. You can go with a traditional chicken noodle soup, a flavourful bowl of mulligatawny, a hearty chicken vegetable soup with a tomato base, or make a concoction that’s all your own! Just be sure to have some crusty bread or fresh rolls on hand to complete the meal.

Chicken pot pie

We love pot pies year round, but they’re particularly good on a cold winter’s day. The flakey crust and creamy filling packed with chicken and your favourite veggies…yum! Here’s a simple recipe that specifically calls for leftover chicken. You can also use leftover turkey, roast beef or even ham to switch things up!

Chicken salad sandwiches

Chicken salad is a great use for leftover chicken because it’s quick, easy, and totally satisfying. Who doesn’t love a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant or French bread? You can even throw a scoop of chicken salad on a toasted everything bagel or basic white toast. All you really need is shredded or diced chicken plus diced onions, celery, mayo and your favourite seasonings (salt and pepper are a must, but anything goes), but there are some more elaborate chicken salad recipes out there if you’re interested.


If you’re in a hurry, simply shred up your chicken and toss it with some taco sauce or a similar product. Put the seasoned chicken between two tortillas with some grated cheese, fry your quesadilla for a minute or so in a well-oiled skillet, flip and repeat on the other side, slice it into triangles and enjoy! We love sour cream for dipping, plus hot sauce and diced green onions.

If you want to put a little more energy into your quesadillas, here’s a great recipe for a restaurant-style take with peppers, onion and all the fixings.


If you’ve got a bunch of meat and vegetables left over from ANY meal, there’s a good chance you can turn them into some delicious homemade fritters. This recipe calls for shredded chicken and leftover mashed potatoes, among other things—and you bet it’s tasty. Enjoy!

PS: If you’ve got more time on your hands and want to go all out with your leftover chicken, this link has some great recipes involving pre-cooked (or leftover) chicken. These meals will take a bit more effort to prepare, but they look pretty good to us.