3 ways to save money on high quality Ontario beef, poultry and more

3 ways to save money on high quality Ontario beef, poultry and more

So, shopping local is important to you and you want to buy delicious, healthy food for your family—but, you’re also on a budget. We get it, and we’re here to help! VG Meats offers family-friendly purchasing options without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We aren’t in the business of “cheap meat” but we do believe in offering great value. Here are three ways to save big while shopping with VG Meats.

Buy a freezer bundle

VG Meats offers freezer bundles that provide exceptional Ontario beef, chicken, lamb and pork products at a great price point. The exact savings are listed on every page, so you know exactly what sort of deal you’re getting. For example, when you buy our Very Good Fridge/Freezer Fill Up bundle, you save about $50 (vs buying the same items individually). Here’s a full list of bundles available year round—enjoy!

Buy in bulk

If you find yourself buying a lot of the same product week after week, a bulk buy is a great way to save money. Instead of getting a few pounds of chicken or ground beef at a time, order a large box and enjoy great savings. We have bulk options on burgers, sausages, ribs and more. Here’s a link to view a full selection of bulk sized products from VG Meats. You can also contact our butcher directly if you’d like to place a custom order (for example, a side or quarter of beef, or bulk quantities of something not listed here).

Shop in-store specials

In-store specials are always a great deal, and we update this offering every other week. There’s always a limited edition freezer bundle plus awesome BOGO deals, deli specials, an in-store savings coupon and more. Take a look at our current in-store specials online and then visit us in Simcoe or Stoney Creek to take advantage of these deals!

Thanks as always for shopping with VG Meats, and be sure to reach out to our team if you have any questions.