3 ways to use regular ground beef

3 ways to use regular ground beef

When our regular ground beef goes on special for just $2.25 per pound, it flies off the shelves...and guess what? It’s on sale now along with other great in-store deals. It’s the perfect time to stock up your freezer, but what happens next? Well, we have a few ideas...

Meat sauce

Everyone loves a good pasta, and regular ground beef adds a little something to tomato sauce. It’s rich and flavourful - perfect in a hearty bolognese or better-than-basic spaghetti sauce. For the same reasons, we love regular ground beef in homemade chili. Speaking of which, here’s our 2020 Chili Bowl champion’s delicious recipe. If you didn’t get a chance to try it in store on Super Bowl weekend, we definitely encourage you to make your own pot of Mary Pat’s “Very Good Colorado Chili” at home! She came in first place in year one AND year three, so you know it’s a winner.


Burgers love a little fat on the grill, and that’s why regular ground beef is a must. Whether you’re BBQing, using a flat top or frying them up in a cast iron pan, you’ll appreciate how our regular ground beef makes a perfect patty. And when you see that incredible sear or char on each side? Mmmm...perfection. Now, the only question is what to put on top! We recommend some delicious, local Jensen Cheese (available at our retail locations) plus some fresh Ontario produce like lettuce, tomato and red onion. Don’t forget the pickles!

Shepherd’s pie

If we’re talking about great classic comfort food, shepherd’s pie is near the top of our list. Rich beef, carrots, onions and more under a thick layer of buttery mashed potatoes? We’re drooling just thinking about it. You can buy our store-made shepherd’s pie at our retail locations or made your own using our regular ground beef. (Did we mention it’s on special this week? It’s kind of a big deal.)

Shop now and eat well

Ready to load up on a good thing? Come see us in Simcoe or Stoney Creek by February 11th to take advantage of this great deal. Thanks for stopping by the VG blog, and happy eating, VGtarians!