3 delicious dinners you can make in under 30 minutes

3 delicious dinners you can make in under 30 minutes

There’s something nice about slowing down and taking your time when making a meal — a slow roasted pork tenderloin, a roast beef with potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, or maybe a rotisserie chicken on your backyard grill. These are all delicious, satisfying meals — but let’s get real. A lot of us can barely find 30 minutes to prepare dinner on a busy weekday, and these slow roasts are best saved for the weekend or your day off.

If this sounds like the story of your life, don’t worry — you can still eat healthy, tasty food that your family will love. Here are three great dinners that can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Mushroom chicken with egg noodles

Take some of our boneless, skinless chicken breasts, season them generously with salt and pepper, then saute them in olive oil or a bit of butter. If you’re not used to pan-cooking chicken, check out this two minute instructional video. It is really simple and the results are delicious. While your chicken is resting, toss some sliced mushrooms into the same pan you just prepared your meat in. Add salt and pepper and a bit more butter or olive oil, plus as much garlic as you’d like (you can also add diced onions). You can leave the mushrooms like this or add a touch of cream to the pan to create more of a sauce — whatever your family enjoys. Now, serve the chicken with egg noodles and top everything with your flavourful mushroom mix. Dinner is served!

Steak and salad

Fast food (when made at home) can be both healthy and delicious. For a quick and easy dinner that feels anything but rushed, throw your favourite steak on the grill or in a cast iron skillet. Cook it to your desired doneness and serve with a leafy green salad with your favourite add-ons: vegetables, shredded cheese, croutons or even fresh fruit (diced apples are great in green salads, as are blueberries). This is a fast and easy meal you’ll want to make every week!

Pulled pork sandwiches

If you want something SUPER easy that feels like a treat, grab some of our prepared pulled pork or pulled chicken. All you need is some fresh buns and dinner is ready to go! Add a side if you’d like, or keep it simple — these are hearty sandwiches, so you won’t be left hungry. This is the perfect meal for a Friday night when you just want to eat a good meal and relax on the couch. Get comfy, put on your favourite show and enjoy!