3 cozy, delicious meals to cook on a rainy day

3 cozy, delicious meals to cook on a rainy day

We’re still feeling that summer heat during the day here in southern Ontario, but the nights are getting cooler and there’s been plenty of rain these last few weeks. If you’re getting that cozy, stay-indoors-and-chill vibe, you’re not alone — the summer-to-fall transition is definitely upon us!

And what better reason to switch up your menu than the change of season? Here’s some inspiration to help you cook up some delicious, cozy meals on those rainy late summer days. You can shop for delicious local ingredients at our retail locations in Simcoe or Stoney Creek, or online at VGFarmToCity.ca!

Chicken and vegetable soup

Soup is a winter staple, but it also offers a great change of pace in late summer. And, you can switch things up by making it with fresh local vegetables that are in season during the summer months! Instead of the usual potatoes, carrots and celery, try making your chicken and vegetable soup with corn, green beans or even chopped asparagus. It’s the perfect way to use leftover chicken in a hearty, healthy family meal. Here’s a great recipe to follow or use as inspiration to make your own summer soup creation!

Chili with summer vegetables

Another winter dish turned summer favourite! Make your usual chili recipe (with our ground beef or ground turkey, of course!) but in addition to bell peppers, canned beans and other chili staples, add diced zucchini, chopped yellow beans and fresh Ontario tomatoes. Anything goes! Instead of serving dinner rolls or cornbread on the side, try a fresh salad made with local greens. You can also top your summer chili with fresh herbs from your garden or local farmer’s market. Yum!

Sheet pan meals

So many delicious roasting vegetables are in season right now, from brussels sprouts to squash, eggplant and delicious root vegetables like parsnips. Chop up your favourites along with some onions and fresh garlic, season according to your family’s taste and roast along with some pork sausage, pork chops, chicken drumsticks or butterflied chicken breasts (thick-cut chicken breasts take longer to cook and won’t work as well in this cooking format). Roast it all together and enjoy! We love a fast and easy meal that tastes amazing and doesn’t create a big pile of dishes.

For more dinner inspiration, check out our in-store specials, new products and delicious, store-made prepared dishes. Thanks for reading — we hope to see you in store soon!