Valentine’s Day meal ideas from VG Meats

Valentine’s Day meal ideas from VG Meats

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14th, and with indoor dining closed across the region, you’ve got two options: order in from a restaurant, or cook up something incredible yourself. Now, if you’re looking to impress your sweetheart or create a shared experience for date night at home, the second option is best. Set a nice table, put on some music and get cooking — it’s time to show off your romantic side! Here are some ideas for what to serve this weekend.

Love me tender(loin)

Whether you favour our pork tenderloin roast or our mouth-watering beef tenderloin steaks, you really can’t go wrong with this as your Valentine’s Day main course. Both options are rich, juicy, flavourful and of course, exceptionally tender. Keep your side dishes simple to let the tenderloin really shine, and finish the meal with a tangy lemon tart or fresh fruit cup with whipped cream.

Easy and slow

If you want to build flavour and enjoy some truly delicious, tender local meat, consider slow roasting a full chicken or nice cut of beef. You can do this in your oven or on low heat in your BBQ — whichever you prefer. Add a great salad, some fresh dinner rolls and homemade gravy for an incredible meal that’s secretly very easy to prepare. Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.

Share a Tomahawk steak

Sharing a milkshake with two straws is cute if you’re in a Disney movie, but real couples want to share one thing at the dinner table: a delicious Tomahawk steak. Because what says love more than an incredible cut of Ontario beef served by candlelight? Just add your favourite roast vegetables and a baked potato on the side (with sea salt, freshly chopped chives and sour cream for the full steakhouse effect). A glass of red wine isn’t a bad idea, either! Enjoy.

No matter what you cook up for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with something from VG Meats. This year, consider picking up some local wine or beer to complement your meal, and dessert from a local chocolatier or bakery. We have some incredible local makers who would appreciate your business. (And, don’t forget the card! That’s an important touch.) It’s time to turn down the lights, turn up the romance and celebrate the one you love —happy Valentine’s Day!