Updates from VG Meats: Additional products in our online store, new ordering options and more

Updates from VG Meats: Additional products in our online store, new ordering options and more

VG Meats has always strived to offer exceptional products made here in Ontario at great value. As a family business with close ties to our community, we care about what we put out there and can stand by our good work. As the current situation with Covid-19 has created an increased demand for online delivery, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making improvements: more selection online, more buying options and faster delivery. You may have noticed some changes to our website over the past week - here’s a brief overview of what we’ve done and why.

More options when you order online

We’ve added a ton of new products online so you have more to choose from when you shop with us. You can now order lean ground beef as well as regular ground beef, lean ground chicken and ground chicken patties, smoked beef sausage and more. We also had to remove several products from the online store to create better efficiencies on our end, but don’t worry - we’ve still got plenty for you to choose from. We will continue to add products that are favourites of our online shoppers as the seasons change and we get requests for them.

Another significant change is how you order quantities of meat like steak, ground beef and chicken breasts. Instead of choosing between one piece, a small package or a large package, you can now choose the exact number of items (or packages) you want. The price per item decreases as your order increases, so you still save by buying in bulk. All quantities and prices are clearly outlined on the website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Change is a good thing

While this may take some getting used to for our longtime customers, we hope you’ll understand that these changes were made to increase efficiencies and enable us to deliver orders quickly and in full. You’ll still get the same great products you love, and our retail locations are still open (with physical distancing measures in place) for your convenience. We are also adding more staff in critical positions to make online shopping even better, with improved communication and speed. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we adapt to this busy season in our lives - we look forward to continuing to feed Ontario families!