Take a hike! (And bring snacks.)

Take a hike! (And bring snacks.)

If you’ve been outside this week, you know how beautiful this fallish-but-still-kinda-summer weather has been. The days still feel warm and inviting but the evenings are cooler (perfect for sleeping with the windows open). It’s a great time of year to BBQ with friends and family, take a book out to that hammock in your backyard, or get outside for a hike. Today, we’re thinking about the latter option—here are some local recommendations if you’d like to do the same.

First, where to go

There are so many beautiful places to go hiking in the community and neighbouring regions, but these are some of our favourites:

You can also hike anywhere along the Bruce Trail—there are dozens of sections to choose from without going too far from home.

Second, what to pack

If you’re hiking, you’ll need snacks (or even lunch) on the trail! Just remember to carefully collect any garbage you produce and bring it home with you. In nature, the idea is to leave nothing but footprints! Here are some suggestions for food to pack for your hike:

  • Apples and bananas (these travel well and don’t need to be put into a container)
  • Trail mix and/or granola bars
  • Our delicious Little VGs pepperette sticks (available in spicy or mild)
  • Sandwiches made with our delicious deli meats and local cheese
  • Sliced polish sausage or turkey kielbasa
  • A thermos of our beef stew or hearty chili, if you’re doing a day-long hike
  • Bottled water (we suggest using a reusable water bottle vs plastic)
  • A couple of cookies, if you want to add a treat!

You should also bring some bug spray, a small first aid kit and a whistle to scare off any larger wildlife you come across (coyotes, for example). Dress in layers, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and put on some hiking boots or good shoes.

Enjoy your weekend!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, hiking or not, and would love to see you in store. Here’s a look at our current in-store specials—we’ll be open until 5pm in both Simcoe and Stoney Creek, and our online store is always available to you at VGFarmToCity.ca. Remember, we offer home delivery to over 60 locations across southern Ontario!

Thanks for reading and enjoy that summerish-fall weather—we certainly will be.