Shop our Victoria Day weekend freezer bundles for a limited time!

Shop our Victoria Day weekend freezer bundles for a limited time!

Our customers have made it clear that they love a good freezer bundle: their favourite products, a great deal and convenient online ordering with in-store pick up and home delivery options. We get it—what’s not to love? So in celebration of the first long weekend of the season, we’ve got six incredible freezer bundles available for a limited time only. These bundles are designed for summer grilling—take advantage of these deals now and be ready for the long weekend AND stock up for summer. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a quick rundown of our Victoria Day bundles. Thanks for supporting local food, and enjoy your long weekend!

Very Good Weekend bundle

This bundle has three family favourites: ground beef, chicken legs and all beef hotdogs. Perfect for filling up your freezer or planning a backyard BBQ! Your neighbours will be knocking as soon as this meat hits the grill.

Very Good BBQ'n bundle

This bundle is perfect for any meat-lover with sirloin steaks, boneless skinless chicken breasts and mild Italian pork sausages. You’ll always have something delicious on hand with this bundle in your freezer!

Very Good BBQ’n bundle (2.0)

This bundle is a bit bigger and has an awesome selection of ground chuck burger patties, pork ribs, pork chops and our amazing sausage. It’s a favourite for family cottage weekends—what’s better than a great burger on the dock?

Very Good Steak bundle

This bundle is all beef and all delicious: sirloin steaks, Denver steaks and Delmonico steaks ready to be grilled to perfection. Keep them for yourself or host the best BBQ your pals have ever seen! Don’t forget to grab some local vegetables to grill on the side.

Very Good Best Pounds for Your Buck bundle

This bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to save big on delicious local beef and pork. You get burgers, hot dogs, pork ribs and ground beef—all for an amazing price! Hungry yet?

Very Good Bestsellers bundle

This bundle has all of your favourites in one tasty package. Steaks, chicken breasts, hot dogs, pork chops—it’s something for everyone. Shop now and enjoy your weekend—and your summer! Thanks again for shopping local, and happy Victoria Day.