Parents, are you ready for March Break?

Parents, are you ready for March Break?

If you’ve got kids, you know how much food they can go through in a single week. Growing children are hungry ALL OF THE TIME—especially if they’re keeping busy with sports and other extracurriculars—and when March Break hits, they’ll be hitting your kitchen again and again. Get ready to hear it: Mom, Dad, I’m hungry! What is there to eat?

We all know it’s coming and it’s time to get ready. Here are a few easy, satisfying, quick-to-prepare foods you’ll want to have on hand when schools are closed next week. Trust us—we’ve got a few kids of our own over here and we know what we’re talking about!

Good food for your family

You may be sticking to your usual dinner plans but with kids home during March Break, you’ll need extra supplies on hand for breakfast, lunch and snacks (and more snacks, plus snacks for their friends and finally, a few more snacks). Here’s a shopping list to help you get started:

It’s going to be a busy week, but the team at VG Meats is here to help you stock up your fridge like a pro. Come see us in store or shop online at We offer convenient online ordering plus FREE home delivery on qualifying orders within our delivery zones. Thanks for shopping local and helping us make regenerative food. We hope you’re able to sneak in some quality time as a family and enjoy the almost-spring sunshine!