Long weekend BBQ ideas for the cottage, the campsite or the backyard

Long weekend BBQ ideas for the cottage, the campsite or the backyard

It doesn’t matter where you spend the long weekend: getting some time off to relax on a summer day is always a good thing. Some of our friends and customers are heading to the cottage while others are camping or enjoying a staycation at home. One thing they all have in common? They’ll be eating delicious meals made with Ontario beef, chicken, lamb and pork from VG Meats.

Here are some ideas to inspire you — remember, you can shop in person at our retail locations in Simcoe or Stoney Creek, or online at VGFarmToCity.ca! Home delivery is free on all qualifying orders.

The cottage

Canada Day at the cottage is a staple for many families. If you’re heading to Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Bancroft, Lake Huron, Lake Erie or another beautiful part of the province, be sure to pack the essentials: steak, burgers, chicken breasts, pork chops and ribs, plus plenty of bacon for breakfast. Every family has their own set of cottage favourites, but you really can’t go wrong with these classics or anything from our Summer BBQ Collection. Just be sure to grab some fresh corn on the cob to enjoy on the side!

The campsite

We love a good weekend of camping — the peace and quiet, the scenery, and of course, cooking over a fire! If you’re heading into the woods, consider packing some beef jerky and Little VGs for easy snacking. For dinner, our all beef hot dogs are an easy, enjoyable meal. Or, roast some smoked sausages to perfection over that open flame! More experienced campers may have the right gear to prepare a steak, some meat-and-veggie kebabs or other favourites.

The backyard

Maybe you have a spacious backyard, or maybe you have a sunny balcony off your condo or apartment building. With a comfortable outdoor chair and the scent of BBQ on the breeze, either can be your weekend paradise. Let’s get grilling with your VG Meats favourites from our summer collection! These lamb skewers are a hit with customers and pair well with grilled vegetables and rice. Or, put your oven to good use and cook up something like oven-baked ribs or chicken wings. You can also make pulled pork in the oven or slow cooker (or buy our prepared version, which has all of the taste with none of the work). Enjoy, and have a great long weekend!