How to make the best breakfast sandwich ever

How to make the best breakfast sandwich ever

If you like starting your morning with a hearty breakfast, you’re not alone. Some of us wake up hungry and ready to take on the day! And what better way to enjoy your morning coffee than with a delicious homemade breakfast sandwich made with your favourite VG Meats products? Seriously, breakfast sandwiches might be one of the most perfect meals that exist. They’re savoury, packed with great flavours and textures, and leave you feeling completely satisfied. Yum!

The thing is, everyone makes breakfast sandwiches a little differently — and that’s awesome! You should be making exactly what you crave, not what someone else likes. Here’s how to make the best breakfast sandwich ever in the comfort of your own home.

Pick your bread

Every breakfast sandwich needs a good vehicle, and that usually means bread. It can be a classic English muffin, a delicious bagel, a fresh ciabatta roll, some crunchy rye toast or a soft, flakey croissant. You can even use a tortilla or other wrap! If it can hold meat, egg and cheese inside, you’re good to go.

Choose your meat

Time for the star of the show! Will you be using classic pork bacon, maple bacon, peameal bacon or maybe our award-winning cowboy coffee rub bacon? These are all great options, and you can always use more than one. Or, make homemade sausage patties using our delicious ground pork! We’ve also got amazing pork breakfast sausages that are delicious on the side of any sandwich.

Add eggs and cheese

A fresh egg and some delicious local cheese are important ingredients in any breakfast sandwich, but the specifics are up to you. A fried or poached egg always works well, but you can add anything from a super-runny, sunny side up egg to a spoonful of scrambled eggs with fresh chives. Top it with your favourite cheese — something sharp, creamy, melty or even a little spicy. We’ve got some great options in our Stoney Creek location!

Make it your own

Time for the finishing touches. So, how are you making this incredible breakfast sandwich your own signature dish? Well, it depends what you like. Consider adding sliced or mashed avocado, sliced tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms or bell peppers, some smokey BBQ sauce, fresh herbs or a generous helping of your favourite hot sauce. Anything goes, so have fun and enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich made exactly the way you want it!

If you’ve got a breakfast sandwich recipe you love, share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’re looking forward to the weekend (and our next breakfast sandwich) already.