Happy Earth Day from VG Meats!

Happy Earth Day from VG Meats!

Today, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day — an important reminder to focus on how we can take better care of our lands and waters throughout the year, contributing to a better future for our families, communities and planet. It’s something we’re passionate about, and why regenerative agriculture means so much to the VG Meats team and the Van Groningen family.

Our Regenerative Farming Story

VG Meats provides healthy, local food that is increasingly grown in a way that leads to regenerative outcomes. These outcomes are three-fold: economic, social and ecological. We are committed to helping other Ontario food producers adapt similar processes in order to achieve these shared goals.

The choices we make now are the best and only way to ensure healthy food and clean water for our grandchildren, and eventually, their own grandchildren. We work with farming families and land managers to raise meat that contributes to the following:

  • Healthy water and mineral cycles
  • Delicious food that is nutritionally sound
  • Fulfilling, meaningful work for farmers
  • Respectful, responsible animal welfare
  • Fair economic results for local food producers
  • Less waste and better food

All agricultural and business practices at VG Meats are designed to reflect these goals and consider the long-term impact of our actions, both as farmers and as members of our community. Here are three specific things we do to support a better environment through regenerative agriculture practices, and some videos to show you exactly what we mean.

Fresh grass and healthy land

Our cattle are continually moved to lush, fresh grass on the farm. They enjoy open air and wonderful outdoor spaces where they can roam. Not only is this rotation good for the cattle, it’s good for the land. You can learn more about why by watching the video here.

Chickens and cattle working together

In this next video, Cory VG explains why our chickens and cattle often live in the same pastures. Spoiler: it involves a lot of nutrient-rich manure and a throwback to science class (remember ‘symbiosis’? We do!). Please click to watch the video.

Implementing carbon reduction methods

When we create specific environments on the farm, we help sequester carbon and reduce harmful emissions. The cattle get their green grass and open spaces, we get clean air to enjoy and you get a high quality product with minimal carbon footprint. This method is something we learned from Allan Savory of The Savory Institute in Colorado, which Cory is accredited by. If you’re interested in learning more, please watch the video here.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reach out on Facebook! We’d be pleased to hear from you. Thanks for reading and happy Earth Day!