Get ready to BBQ with these family favourites

Get ready to BBQ with these family favourites

Spending time outside in the sunshine on a beautiful day feels good. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that never gets old, and it’s especially enjoyable in the springtime, when the weather is often hit and miss. Think about it...a warm, sunny day in the summer? Awesome. But a warm, sunny day in the middle of spring? That feels AMAZING. You’ve got to make the most of those days, because the rain could be lurking just behind you in the forecast. So get outside, light up the BBQ and enjoy every second!

Sunshine and BBQs go hand-in-hand, so consider this your new shopping list. We’d be pleased to help you shop you in store, or you can order online at Remember, delivery is free on all qualifying orders, so stock up now and be ready for anything!

Hamburgers and steak

When you think about a BBQ, your mind might go immediately to burgers and steak — and with good reason. These classics are always a delicious choice! You’ll love our Woodhouse burgers and lean beef patties. Or, make your own burgers with ground beef or ground chuck. You can even incorporate some ground pork into your homemade burgers for added flavour. This is what we call a boss move, and you won’t regret it.

Any steak is a good steak, but you might want to stock up on Rib Eye, Top Sirloin, NY striploin and Denver steaks. Or, go all out and get a Tomahawk! You’ll be glad you did.

Sausages and hot dogs

Our Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs are always a good idea — they cook up in minutes, and kids and adults alike love them. We also have a great selection of pork sausages from VG Meats and Rowe Farms to choose from. Serve them in a fresh, soft bun or on a plate with grilled vegetables and a baked potato. Yum!

Chicken, pork chops and more

Want more great options for your BBQ dinner? Try a juicy centre cut pork chop, some boneless chicken breasts with one of our store-made seasonings, our amazing chicken burgers or chicken sausages, our delicious pork back ribs and more. It’s all available in Simcoe and Stoney Creek as well as online. Thanks for shopping local, and enjoy the sunshine (and your meal).