4 delicious side dishes for your holiday feast

4 delicious side dishes for your holiday feast

Everyone has a favourite holiday side dish, including the VG team and family. When it comes to choosing accompaniments for a roast turkey dinner, Kyle VG loves stuffing while youngest brother Kevin is all about the green beans (and the gravy). And Chad has a pretty unique favourite: a side of ham, or a Kansas City striploin steak! (Did we mention this is a family that loves local beef?)

You know all about mashed potatoes and candied yams, but there’s a world of festive side dishes to explore. Here are some ideas to inspire your holiday meal planning—remember, our Holiday Dinner Collection is available online now, so you can order your fresh turkey, ham and more. We also have a Holiday Party Collection for those pre-Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. Thanks for shopping local, and get ready for some good food!

Cheesy bacon asparagus casserole

Bacon asparagus casserole has all the flavour and comfort of a green bean casserole with a modern twist...plus, cheese and bacon. What more do you need? Here’s a link to the recipe. You can also go with this easy recipe if you’re looking for a traditional green bean casserole, or a fancy, bacon-y take on the same classic dish!

Creamy parsnip and squash bake

It’s your classic fall and winter vegetables, but done in the most indulgent way possible—sounds perfect for the holiday season, right? Here’s a great recipe for this creamy, delectable, show-stopping dish. It might just become a family favourite!

Roasted beets with citrus

This zesty, tangy, totally satisfying side dish is the perfect complement to richer dishes. Plus, you can make it ahead of time and simply pull it out of the fridge on Christmas evening! That’s always a bonus, in our books. Here’s the recipe.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic and honey

If anyone tells you Brussels sprouts are bad, you can confidently tell them they’re wrong. Here’s a fantastic recipe that pairs well with turkey, ham or even a delicious roast beef. Happy holidays!