3 reasons to try Ontario lamb this spring

3 reasons to try Ontario lamb this spring

We talk about Ontario beef a lot because it’s something we’re passionate about—a key part of producing high quality, delicious, regenerative products right here in your community using holistic management. You’ve also seen us get excited about Ontario pork and poultry, plus all of the incredible locally-sourced snacks, condiments and more we offer at our retail locations in Simcoe and Stoney Creek. But there’s another awesome local product we haven’t talked about much lately: Ontario lamb.

Whether you know and love this product already or have been meaning to give it a try, spring is the perfect time of year to put lamb on the menu in your home. Here are three reasons to taste it for the first time or bring it back into your dinner rotation. You can shop online or visit us in person—we’d be glad to see you and make personalized product recommendations!

It’s a high quality, local product

Ontario lamb is an exceptional product that offers a mild flavour profile, so you can add whatever spices, herbs or accompaniments your family enjoys. VG Meats is pleased to offer several delicious lamb products online and in store:

Ground lamb is excellent for creating elevated versions of your favourite meatballs, dumplings, burgers and more. Which leads us to our next point…we love a classic family recipe, but a little change can be a good thing!

It changes up your routine

There’s nothing wrong with a good chicken kebab or beef burger, but sometimes, it feels good to switch things up. Just as we occasionally turn to a turkey burger or chicken sausage, lamb is a great lean protein that tastes amazing. We’re not saying it should replace beef or pork, but it’s a great way to mix things up and add variety to your diet. Trust us, a lamb spiedini is a welcome sight at any backyard BBQ!

It’s delicious

Sometimes, the answer is really simple: you should enjoy some tender, high quality Ontario lamb this spring because it’s absolutely delicious. The rest is just the cherry on top! We hope this post has inspired you to add some lamb to your spring grilling plans, and maybe to try something new the next time you’re shopping online or in store. Thanks as always for reading and supporting our family-owned and operated business. VG Meats is dedicated to producing regenerative food that gives back to your community, and we couldn’t do it without your support.

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